Between his heroism and successful career in the business of park homes, Barry Weir has lived quite the life.  Barry Weir Park Homes grew to be a thriving company that has helped provide high-quality mobile homes for many people over the years.

The experience Barry Weir gained while managing Barry Weir Park Homes and the knowledge he possesses from his extravagant life has helped him become a leading authority in the park homes industry and an expert on the Mobile Homes Act of 2013. Even since retiring in 2007, Barry Weir continues to share his expertise with anyone interested in learning more about Barry Weir Park Homes, park home living, park home culture, or park home legislation.

After years of working in the business of park homes, Barry Weir understands the ins and outs of the Mobile Homes Act of 2013, which officially went into effect April 1, 2014. When this legislation was implemented, many believed it would drastically change the lives of park home owners and the way park home sites were operated and managed.

However, Barry Weir eased the minds of many by explaining to them that the act would not heavily affect their way of life because the park homes industry is an honest business that looks out for its constituents.

But sharing his knowledge on park homes isn’t the only way Barry Weir helps people. He was also quick on his feet to help save a man’s life back in 2010. It was February and Barry Weir and his wife were walking down the beach when they saw a man dressed in a black suit playing in the surf. However, Barry Weir quickly realized that the man was not playing and needed help right away.

Barry Weir used his cell phone to call for help, but knowing that something had to be done immediately, he plunged into the subzero temperature water and saved the man’s life. Barry Weir suffered from hypothermia for two months after that, but he was also awarded the Humane Society Bravery Award for his heroic act.

An average person may have hesitated in that moment, but Barry Weir is all about helping others and didn’t think twice about saving the man’s life.

“It was just second nature, really,” Weir said.